Welcome to the NGS Home Page.  This page provides information on topics related to the New Generation System.  From this Home Page, you can access general information about the NGS system, its current enhancements, future development plans, a schedule of events, and news pertaining to NGS.

Alerts and Messages

Reminder to NGS DES:

  • Facility Updates and Contact Information - Update Facilities after March 1, 2017 but before June 2, 2017. Also, remember to update all the "Migrant" and "Summer Migrant" contacts for the 2016-2017 SY.

  • May through August:

  • Encode all secondary credits for the Spring semester for students in grades 9-12 within 10 working days after receipt of spring grades.
  • Enter Recommended Courses for the Fall Schedule for students in grades 8-11.
  • Request the Not on Time for Graduation list from the counselor at the beginning of May and enter the information on NGS. Remember to print the On Time for Graduation Report (choose the option for both) at the end of the school year after all grades have been encoded on NGS and then deliver the report to the MEP Coordinator/Director.
  • Data Entry Specialists should request the district state assessment results by June 1st and enter the information on NGS.
  • Regular Term Coursework for grades 6-8 should be entered within 5 days after the end of the school year.
  • Supplemental Program and Drop Out Recovery for all migrant students P0-12 and Non-Enrollees should be entered by July 31st or as soon as supplemental services are provided.
  • Special Needs and IEP On File indicators for all migrant children who have a special need should be submitted to NGS for data entry by May 1, 2017.
  • Regular school year students should be withdrawn at the end of the school year before a district begins their MEP summer school program.

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Colorado EDAC Approval

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