Welcome to the NGS Home Page.  This page provides information on topics related to the New Generation System.  From this Home Page, you can access general information about the NGS system, its current enhancements, future development plans, a schedule of events, and news pertaining to NGS.

Alerts and Messages

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE: The NGS System monthly backups are scheduled for December 3rd - December 7th. During this time NGS will also be upgraded with build 24.2 The system will be shutdown on Thursday, December 3rd at 5pm CST. The system will be back up by Monday, December 7th at 8am CST. If this downtime conflicts with any scheduled training, please notify NGS Helpdesk at helpdesk@ngsmigrant.com. Thank you.

NGS Data Entry Specialists (DES) PFS reports requested before 10/13/2020 should be requested again.

  • NGS now includes EXEMPT for all End Of Course (EOC) subjects that were not previously being captured on the report.

  • Ensure to request the report for the month of October so that the students who were not appearing now appear on the October 2020 PFS report.

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