Welcome to the NGS Home Page.  This page provides information on topics related to the New Generation System.  From this Home Page, you can access general information about the NGS system, its current enhancements, future development plans, a schedule of events, and news pertaining to NGS.

Alerts and Messages

NGS DES Reminders:

  • All end of year required activities for the 2017-2018 SY should be completed before starting the summer session and beginning the 2018-2019 school year.

  • Summer/Intersession enrollments/withdrawals for migrant students in grades P3-12th should be completed before the initial start of the Regular/intersession school year. In order to populate your Project SMART report you must encode the students Pre/Post test results through the Formal Assessments link for each student who was served under Project SMART. Remember to add a supplemental to each student who is being served with Project SMART, selecting "Project SMART Making Mathematics Meaningful 2018" which can be found under the Instructional Support section of the supplemental programs list.

  • DES should run the July PFS report and continue to enter State Assessment results through the Formal Assessment process for migrant students who are enrolled in grades 3rd-12th and who do not have results available on NGS through the latest State Assessment download. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process when information is available to the terminal sites. Make sure to close your summer program on NGS before the beginning of the new school year.

  • 2018-2019 SY PFS for August, print up the prior year reports and review them for accuracy on NGS and prepare NGS worksheets or other helpful reports to assist recruiters.
NGS Help Desk Update for end users:
NGS has uploaded the newest v.21.2 "NGS User Manual" on the system. Please take the time to review the manual and get back to the NGS Help Desk with any suggestions or questions you may have about the manual. Contact the NGS Help Desk at 866-326-9468 or helpdesk@ngsmigrant.com

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Colorado EDAC Approval

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