Welcome to the NGS Home Page.  This page provides information on topics related to the New Generation System.  From this Home Page, you can access general information about the NGS system, its current enhancements, future development plans, a schedule of events, and news pertaining to NGS.

Alerts and Messages

Friendly reminder to NGS Data Entry Specialists (DES) for January and February of 2021

  • In January request the Partial Credit Report to complete all Missing Credits and Partial Grade Consolidations for secondary students in grades 9-12.
  • Fall Semester grades for secondary students in grades 9-12 should be encoded before the end of February.
  • In February request the Alternate Student ID Number Report (Students without an Alternate Student ID) and add all missing PEIMS numbers for those students enrolled in grades K-12.
The NGS Train site has been updated to include all updates from the last build 24.2 updated in December 2020.

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